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Who is behind the main billboard E3

And why is technically not exactly a billboard.

The traditional triptych on the walls of the Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles has become a symbol of the E3 exhibition. Each year, Twitter users, Reddit and NeoGAF watch how a giant advertisement appears on the building of one of the major releases of the fall.

There is even a stereotype among gamers that they only advertise games at this hotel, but this is not true. The peak activity of gaming companies in Los Angeles is at E3. At another time on the building you can see a Hollywood blockbuster, car company or Apple billboard.

It is not often remembered that on the reverse side of Figueroa, you can also advertise. At the time of the publication of this note there flaunts the image of the notorious alcoholic beverage.
However, the images on Figueroa are technically not billboards, but graffiti. They are painted by hand.

This is the work of the American company Walldogs , whose work can be seen throughout Los Angeles. Moreover, some of their pa intings from afar are difficult to distinguish from photographs.


Walldogs usually cope with the largest-format advertising in 7-10 days, working under tight deadlines (for example, by the beginning of E3).

According to company representatives, many customers prefer billboards printed on a computer. Nevertheless, Walldogs still has a lot of orders, as some customers see in the production of such pictures of the show: not only the result is important, but also the process.

The work of Walldogs begins with a sketch, which with the help of a projector is transferred to a giant paper stencil. The latter serves as the basis for the picture, but the company’s employees draw small details manually, so the quality of the final result usually depends almost entirely on the skill of the artists.

The workers themselves are forced to constantly go down and look at their work from afar to correct the details, since at the top they see in front of them only a small  part of the entire canvas.


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