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Forza Horizon developers are going to open a second studio to work on a non-rolling project

The authors of the Forza Horizon car race series, the Playground Games team, spokeabout their new studio, which will be engaged in an unannounced game in the open world.

The second division of Playground Games, as well as the main office, will be located in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom. While developers can not reveal the details of the next project, but it is known that this will be a game in the open world, not related to auto racing.

We have been discussing the launch of a new studio for several years, but did not want to hurry. For us, this is a great opportunity to express themselves in a new genre.Ralph Fulton, Founder of Playground Games

Playground Games will hire talented developers in a new studio, says Ralph Fulton, the founder of the studio. Perhaps it will be people who have previously worked in a team.

The Playground Games employs 115 programmers, and another 30 employees work on a contract basis. With the opening of the new studio team size should increase to 200 people.


The work of the two studios is planned to be organized in such a way that the tasks are strictly divided between the teams. One person should not be responsible for the development of two projects at once. Each office will focus on its goal, said the founder of the Playground Games.

Studio Playground Games will continue to engage in a series of Forza Horizon and is not going to abandon it.

Working on Forza for the past six to seven years has been awesome. The game remains the cornerstone of our business. We do not refuse it and still approach the development of racing games with enthusiasm.

Ralph Fulton, Founder of Playground Games

The last work of the Playground Games studio was Forza Horizon 3. The game was released on September 27 on Xbox One and Windows 10. The race received positive press reviews, and its rating on Metacritic is 91%.


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